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  I have a range of modular courses on a range of aspects of clay mineralogy and clay sedimentology available for teaching as an introduction to clay science. With green clays being one of several on-going research topics, I am able to offer a wide-ranging and detailed short course or lecture on this important group of minerals.
      Lectures and other presentations:
  • "Puddingstone and related silcretes of the Anglo-Paris Basin geological and archeological perspectives"
     Co-convenor of this conference to be held in May 2014
  • Green Clays:  uses and pitfalls
    A lecture given to Geoscience Wales, April 2013
  • Aspects of the evolution of green clay
    Presented at the Mid-European Clay Conference, Zakopane, Poland, 22-27 September 2008
  • A detailed investigation of the process of low temperature illitisation of smectite in a palaeosol from the Isle of Wight
    Presented at the Mid-European Clay Conference (with Javier Cuadros), Zakopane, Poland, 22-27 September 2008
  • Geology and Wine
    Presented at the British Crystallographic Association annual meeting at the British Geological Survey, Keyworth, Notts,
    14/15 May 2008
  • Great British Journeys
    Guest presenter with Nick Crane in the episode of Great British Journeys on the subject of Daniel Defoe and the copperas industry.  Screened on BBC2, September 2007.  Click here to see a clip  (© Tern Television 2007)
  • Aspects Of The Evolution Of Green Pelletal Clay
    Invited speaker at the annual meeting of the Clay Minerals Society, Santa Fé, New Mexico, USA, June 2007
  • The Geology of Wine
    Presented at the meeting in memory of Jake Hancock, held at the Geological Society, October 2004
    and again at the headquarters of Shell Exploration and Production, Den Haag, Netherlands, October 2006
    and as part of the bi-centenary celebrations of the Geological Society, London, April 2007
  • The Geology of Beer
    Christmas lecture for the Earth Sciences Group of the Houses of Parliament
    Given at the House of Commons, December 2004
  • An Odinite-Smectite-Vermiculite Mixed Layer Clay from the Weches Formation, Claiborne Group, Middle Eocene, NE Texas
    Presented at Boulder, Colorado (with Douglas McCarty, Clair Calvert, Andy Gale and Caroline Kirk)
  • Composition and Origin of Mixed Layer Clays in Non-Marine Claystones, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, UK
    Presented at Euroclay 2003, University of Modena, Italy (with Javier Cuadros)

  • Petrology and Palaeoenvironmental Significance of Iron-Rich Clays in the Middle Eocene, NE Texas
    Presented at American Clay Minerals Society Annual Meeting, University of Boulder, Colorado, June 2002

    and at the Marine Clays Conference, University of Southampton, April 2002